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Almond’s book has believable characters and at the same time an intense magical quality which makes it a young adult novel in the tradition of magic realism and is full of emotion and poetry. It deals with important issues like love and death and still has a humorous touch. Different!


  • WINNER Carnegie Medal 1998
  • Whitbread Children's Award 1998


  • Kit's Wilderness (Hodder&Stoughton 1999) Kit has just moved to Stoneygate and there takes part in a game called Death.
  • FITZPATRICK, Becca: The Hush Hush Series (Simon&Schuster 2010-2012) four books about Nora and the Fallen Angel Patch.
  • TIERNAN, Kate: The Immortal Beloved Series (Hodder & Stoughton 2011ff.) the fate of Nasty, an immortal.
  • Saving Grace (TV Series 2007-2010) an angel helps Grace to redeem herself.
  • Skellig (2009) TV version of the novel.