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Killing God

Level 1

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All of Kevin Brooks‘s novels are first-rate thrillers; sometimes they’re a little over the top, but that doesn’t make them any less enjoyable.


  • WINNER Branford Boase Award 2003 (for Martyn Pig)
  • WINNER North-East Book Award 2004 (for Lucas)
  • WINNER Carnegie Medal 2014


  • iBoy (Penguin Books 2010) When Tom’s friend Lucy is raped, an i-phone gets stuck in his head. Suddenly Tom turns into a superhero who can take revenge.
  • DUNCAN, Lois: I Know What You Did Last Summer (Little Brown 1973) four friends try to conceal a shocking secret.
  • STRASSER, Todd: Wish you were dead (Egmont 2009) first of thrillogy.
  • WYNNE-JONES, Tim: The Boy in the Burning House (Melanie Kroupa Books 2001) Ruth believes her stepfather is a murderer.
  • Sleuth (1967) remake 2007; man invites his wife’s lover to play games.
  • Urban Legend (1998) college girl thinks that the murders around her campus re-enact urban legends (+sequels).
  • BCOBEN, Harlan: Tell No One (Perfection 2002)
  • DEAVER, Jeffery: The Devil's Teardrop (BCA 1999)