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The Bad Beginning

Level 1

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We learn that Lemony Snicket himself is afraid of Count Olaf and his theatre troupe - but somehow he manages to record all the unfortunate events that befall the Baudelaire children. In between, he finds time to explain difficult words to his readers and warn them about their reading matter. Finally, a series that doesn’t feature happy endings for nice kids.


  • FINALIST Audie Children's Titles 2005


  • ARDAGH, Philip: The Eddie Dickens Series (Faber&Faber 2000ff.) comic adventures of Eddie who lives with his Great unt and Great Uncle at Awful End.
  • PILKEY. Dave: The Captain Underpants Series (Scholastic 1997ff.) silly children's series about two fourth-garders.
  • PULLMAN, Philip: Count Karlstein (Catto&Windus 1982) wicked Count Karlstein tries to get rid of his orphaned nieces.
  • ROWLING, J. K. : The Harry Potter Series (Bloomsbury 1997-2007) the most famous orphan of all.
  • STEWART, Trenton Lee: The Mysterious Benedict Society (Little, Brown and Company 2007) four kids: honest, all remarkably talented and all orphans.